KSN Systems NZ Limited

We're here to be the bridge between that great idea you have and the global market that's waiting to experience it.
With over 35 years of combined experience in Systems Architecture, Software Development & Media Production, we have everything you need to turn your next idea into the big one.
  1. Global project experience across the UK, Australia, China, India and New Zealand.
  2. Experts in finding new opportunities for business by matching existing products and services with innovative technology that reaches global markets.

Systems Architecture & Consulting

In the Cloud, on your premises or on your device, KSN Systems delivers innovative systems, workflows and ideas. Whether creating something new, getting your systems to cooperate, or finding new opportunities for your existing products, KSN Systems makes it happen.
  1. Systems architecture, design and consulting
  2. Cloud, Embedded and App development
  3. Media processing, management and distribution systems

Media Production Services

We create content that reflects who you are and what you want to share with your clients. From audio to video to social media posts and stories, we're here to make your content king!
  1. Short-form video production and editing
  2. Audio editing
  3. Social Media Posts design and production

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